Yesterday we broke the news about how singer Qute Kaye was nabbed and almost lynched by angry residents of Busega as he tried to steal car indicators. The singer was then arrested by police but later rescued by a fan who saved him from spending a night in the coolers.

With different pictures and videos of his arrest circulating on social media, we all thought Qute Kaye would be saved by his former pastor Robert Kayanja. We were wrong. Actually, Qute Kaye is no longer a member in Pastor Kayanja’s church for many various reasons. Among the many reasons why he was thrown out of the church is because he allegedly stole a laptop from the pastor’s office as comedian Messe elaborates below;

Qute Kaye must have been through a lot to get to this point, but his music had a big impact in many people’s lives including a one Mycor Lu who saved him from a cold night in the coolers. When Mycor saw the videos of Qute Kaye’s arrest, he immediately made his way to where the singer had been detained and effected his release.

Qute Kaye and Mycor Lu after the rescue.

Mycor then took Qute Kaye to his home to talk to him and understand exactly what could have pushed the singer to such an extent of stealing car lights. He also wants to provide the necessary medication and rehabilitation, if necessary, to the singer to enable him get back o his feet.

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