NBS TV Presenter Shawn Kimuli’s Car Stolen

NBS TV’s Shawn Kimuli had a really bad night yesterday after his car was stolen. A Toyota Noah, black in color was stolen from where it had been parked at the NBS TV office premises in Kamwokya, Kira Road. The experienced media personality asks for any form of help rendered from the public to recover his stolen property.

Over the recent few years, we have heard many incidences where celebrities have lost their cars to thieves. Spice Diana, Maro, Roden Y Kabako, among many others have fallen victims of the yet to be known criminal gang.

Yesterday at around midday, Shawn Kimuli’s car (UAR 503F) was stolen. It had been parked just outside NBS TV premises in Kamwokya-Kira Road just opposite City Oil Kamwokya, and the criminals must have used the swiftest means possible because that is a public road used by many people.

The ‘LIVE At 9’ NBS TV presenter broke the news via his social media platforms and reported the matter to police. He also asked his friends and followers to help do something to retrieve his car from the yet to be known criminals.

We hope the car is recovered very soon, we cannot stand seeing Shawn back to walking to work.

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