Singer Angella Katatumba has probably become the master of her own fate and above all she knows nothing can stop a true Queen from putting her foot in front of the other.

It’s merely two months after the Chicken Tonight ‘word’ went globally viral and Angella through her lawyers Milindwa Associates & Co. Advocates sued ‘I feel like Chicken Tonight’ for 1.1Billion Shillings.
Angella immediately followed up with the music video for her ‘Out Of My Head’ featuring Jamaican star Kuzi Kz, which has so far officially gone INTERNATIONAL since its now playing on TRACE URBAN TV (Which covers East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East ).

           Singer Angella Katatumba

Well forget about all the above drama, Angella has today released a few super-glam shots that reveal her gorgeous legs, and absolutely beautiful face clad in a very skimpy and thigh revealing outfit that is probably one of the reasons Kuzi Kz couldn’t avoid the temptation.

To us who have known Angella for some time we can at least relate to such daring shots and to some extent it’s now that we are trying to feel sorry for the Jamaican breed Kuzi Kz.

The Ugandan born world celebrated Philanthropist, business woman and fashionable vocalist, is now back with a bigger bang than ever before.

This morning Angella took to all her social media pages and captioned “Let’s Do This” which reminded us that she has indeed kept her head up high, amidst the Chicken Tonight saga aftermath.

The other set of the pictures got her looking radiant wearing attractive thigh basking hot pants, diamond rings and pop star shoes seen with the likes of Katy Perry, Madonna and Beyonce.

Ladies and gentlemen the queen is back to her throne….. Pave way for the Ugandan Kardashian.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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