For most party animals, Saturday mornings are the most chilly moments of the week. As you lay on your bed and reminisce about Friday night, you must always see that lively TV presenter on NBS TV’s Youth Voice. Well, his name is MC Ollo a.k.a TV Gawd.

MC Ollo, real names Odong Stanley, was born not so many years ago to Ayoo Margaret and Anying Geofrey. His father died when he was barely three years old. Since that time, Ollo has lived through the iron hands of a single mother with his two sisters; Cathy and Nancy.

The self-proclaimed TV Gawd started out on his emceeing career quite early. For many years, Ollo has been a casual face at most teen events like Kadanke, Buzz Teeniez Awards, Zzina Sosh, Debwaz, among many others. Those are the same platforms that provided him the opportunity to showcase his talent.

Ollo makes it a point to note that it was not easy breaking through especially with the fact that such events are always packed with so many talented kids. But being a smart man that he is, MC Ollo had to play all his cards right at the time.

I made sure I stepped on stage either to emcee, rap, or dance. I made sure I did that only when a certain TV station was live. This made my mom happy. Despite her conditions, it gave her hope and courage to keep supporting his little boy.

MC Ollo embarked on achieving his dream of working on television four years ago in 2014. A likable boy that he is, he was lucky to meet the right people who inspired and provided him the exact opportunities he was looking for. Bit by bit he developed the art of presentation first as a member in the audience of popular TV show, NBS Youth Voice.

He then later progressed as a co-host on the show working with the ever sexy Victoria ‘Vicky’ Bagaya. Eventually, when Vicky progressed to anchoring news, MC Ollo embraced the opportunity with both hands and is now the top host of the widely watched Saturday morning show on Kamwokya based NBS TV.

That is how your favorite Luo Boy rose through the ranks to become such a widely recognized television presenter commanding such a huge following from most teens and youths who look at him as an inspiration in a couple of ways.

Versatility is a big aspect in this ever changing entertainment industry. Ollo is into acting as well. While in Form 4, he acted a popular TV documentary about the Uganda Martyrs in 2014 called ‘From Martyrdom to glory’. It is a continued series aimed at celebrating the brave Uganda martyrs. The movie featured at the Uganda Film Festival 2014 and was premiered at Century Cinemax.

Ollo also has a viral question and answer segment dubbed ‘Street Trivia’ where he meets random people on the streets and asks them different questions on the most random topics. If you have had a chance to watch those videos, you must have just a few ribs remaining. Those hilarious popular videos have also opened doors for him in the industry.

MC Ollo is currently pursuing a Mass Communication course at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He looks forward to being one of the very best in the field. He is also the CEO of Ollo Brand, a compere, public speaker, entrepreneur, actor, rapper, youth activist and fashionista.

As any other job, MC Ollo has faced challenges the worst of which was being despised by many people for his skin color. He emphasizes that it was never easy for him coming to terms that fellow humans would sideline so much talent just for the sake of the color of skin. It however did not stop him from pursuing and achieving his dreams.

MC Ollo is currently working on his personal brand and the Ollo Xperience that he anticipates will develop into an incredible project. He promises that once it is completed, he will let us know.

Well, what a talent! A man of all seasons indeed.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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