Songstress, Lydia Jazmine and manager/producer Bushingtone are finally deciding to put an end to their working relationship after four years of success. The reasons for their split are quite many but let us look into what the major ones could be.

As we earlier profiled, Lydia Jazmine joined the music with a humble start. Performing at night hangouts and other regular events, the singer was spotted by producer Bushington. He introduced the songstress to the Goodlyfe crew who signed her up and she did the backup vocals on the duo’s hit songs, ‘Breath Away’ and ‘Ntunga’.

With a successful first song, ‘You Know’ on which he featured Rabadaba, Lydia Jazmine broke through to the eagerly waiting music fraternity. It was then that Bushington saw the opportunity to become a personal manager to the songstress and together they have been a formidable force until a few weeks ago.

After four years of working together, Lydia Jazmine and Bushington are splitting ways. The reasons for this split are probably those you never anticipated at all.

There are many things that come with being a star and it is believed that the hardest part of being famous is controlling the fame. Fame, as we already know demands an expensive lifestyle and Lydia Jazmine was caught up in the mix.

Just like MC Kats and Fille nearly split over personal reasons, it is hard when an artiste is emotionally connected to the manager. When their is any form of relationship beyond work then expect adverse effects when that relationships gets sour. It is believed that Bushington and Lydia Jazmine have been dating for all these years and a relationship problems could be one reason for the split.

Over the years she has gained fame, the ‘Same Way’ singer has found new friends who happen to be slay queens, living expensive lives. The set of friends around her are always in and out of the country on trips abroad, greatly influencing the singer into the same lifestyle. It may seem a small issue but as a manager, Bushington needs his artiste on ground always to execute her duties.

Her demands have also increased and Bushington can no longer meet them. From the car she drives, to the food she eats, to the shopping sprees, Lydia Jazmine wants a change and this could be due to the influence of her rich friends as well.

Lydia Jazmine has also increasingly become ambitious. With the buzz surrounding her music and brand, she believes she should be better than the likes of Sheebah and Vinka and does not understand why her manager cannot help her achieve that.

Many other reasons are part of why the two are deciding to end their partnership and we do not know what Lydia Jazmine’s next move is.

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