Singer Weasel who recently blasted fans who had constantly made it a point to attack him about his current behavior since the departure of Mowzey Radio has again roared as he explained to why he smashed the car of Radio’s Brother Frank Ssekibogo.

A few weeks ago Frank’s car was smashed by Weasel when he came to Neverland to take what he thought belonged to the deceased family but to his surprise, the only remaining Goodlyfe member had no sweet words for him.

                                            Radio and Weasel.

While appearing on After 5 show that airs on NBS Television, Weasel broke out of silence and revealed that he was trying to protect the property of the Late Radio for his children.

“I want Radio’s children to get their things. When Radio was working he didn’t work for You (Frank), we worked for our children. If he didn’t work for himself, he is in trouble”

Weaslel Said.

                                One of Mowzey Radio’s son Theo Kingsley Ssekibogo

He went on to reveal that Radio told him that he was working for his children and that he will fight for them till h breathes his last.

“Radio told me that he was working for his children and i will keep fighting for the till death because i know Radio would not let anything of mine taken.Above all I have my money, that is why Frank wants to steal from me”

Weasel Narrated.

                                            The late Mowzey Radio, Chagga and Weasel.

When asked about him firing Manager Chagga, he narrated that Goodlyfe has never signed Chagga as their manager but he was just working on a friendly basis and so there was no way he could fire him.

In conclusion Weasel said he is determined to take the Goodlyfe brand to the Apex and nothing will stop him.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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