Ugandan Female star Spice Diana has finally opened up about her relationship with fellow singer and one of the top vocalists that are still blessing our entertainment industry King Saha.

For a quite along time rumors has been spreading like wild fire mostly on all the social media platforms alleging that King Saha is more than a friend to the Nasimatuka X hit maker Spice Diana and that probably he is the true guy feasting on her oil dams.

                                      King Saha & Spice Diana

If we are to go by pictures, singer King Saha has on several occasions been spotted in the company of the diva a case in a point ever picking and welcoming each other at the airport whenever each came or had a show abroad.

However the “32 Hit Maker” has come out publically and refuted all the allegation asserting that she is only a close friend to King Saha and nothing has happened between them beyond music and perhaps there are no chances of the vocal king getting close to her fruit of life.

                         The alleged Lovers

Hopefully this brings an end to all the rumors that have been circulating however MBU ears will remain on the ground to keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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