Pia Pounds is a fast rising female diva with two songs already dominating the airwaves. She however feels like she is not where she wants to be as yet because it is hard working with men who always ask for sex in order to do anything for her and she is not willing to give that.

The entertainment industry is one that requires good looks for a female artiste to make it. If you do not have a beautiful face, you must have a sexy body. It is the appeal you express to the public that attracts most fans, and sometimes even the most talented vocalists have failed to make it to the big scene because they do not possess the above said.

Tracy Kirabo, a.k.a Pia Pounds, seems to be falling victim of her good looks however. The Big Talent Entertainment songstress has revealed that most of her fans are male and she loves that, however the people she works with in the industry have failed her progress due to their crazy demands.

Pia Pounds says that many men ask her for sex whenever she requests them to do anything for her. Since joining the music industry professionally at the start of the year, the ‘Wawangula’ singer has received uncountable sex offers from many men, some will shock you.

Pia states that many men come to her with good deals, irresistible business contracts, but ask for sex in order to let her have them. Pia Pounds says that could be the only reason still stunting her progress in the music industry since she is not willing to sell her body in return to the good deals and offers. She had this to say;

It is hard working with men. People are always asking for sex and they don’t take you seriously as a female artiste. I just need to put in a lot of work. As much as I sacrifice a lot, there are other things I cannot sacrifice. I have been in the industry for long and people ask for sex but I refuse and that is why I have not risen so fast.

Pia Pounds is one of the big prospects among the rising female artistes and she could be the next big thing only if she can play her cards right though.

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