Hyacinthe Natuginza, commonly known as Nana Weber, is set to launch her charity drives in Uganda. The city socialite and video vixen is known for quite many things including hosting her ‘Girls In The City’ theme night at the Kololo based night hangout spot Atmosphere Lounge on Tuesdays.

Nana Weber’s fame in Uganda can also be attributed to her video vixen stint in some of Bebe Cool’s videos, most notably in the ’18 and Over’ video. Nana’s body is one of the very few reasons Bobi Wine’s fans watch Bebe Cool’s videos – ouch!

Nana Weber is of Rwandan decency and she is married with one child. Despite her raunchy videos that have been popularized on social media, Nana has a soft spot in her heart and she holds charitable activities through her big family known as the Inyange Family.

The Inyange Family launched its activities last year in Rwanda where it extended help and support to hospitals, schools, and individuals in the poorer communities and families respectively. The charity drive provides basic needs, materialistic requirements, and also counseling of the children facing different problems in the less privileged societies.

Nana Weber’s passion for charity has made her a famous figure in the +250 and she is one of the few socialites with such a huge following ranging from children to elderly people. It is for this reason, among others, that Nana is now looking forward to opening up another wing of the Inyange Family in Uganda.

Nana Weber confirms that all the necessary documentations are being processed and she has the right team around her to ensure that the Inyange Family charity drive in Uganda becomes just as successful as the one in Rwanda. The charity drive is set to be commenced very soon and we shall keep you posted.

For all who thought that being a socialite is only limited to popping bottles on vacations, you might need to think otherwise.

Kudos Nana Weber!

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