There is only so much controversial moments can reveal especially in the celebrity circle. Prezzo and Amber Lulu have for long been reported to have split but the two had only decided to keep their affair a secret until when Amber’s sex-tape with another man leaked.

Amber Lulu is a popular Tanzanian pop singer, video vixen, and socialite. Prezzo on the other hand is a Kenyan rapper and rose to fame for his lavish lifestyle and notorious personality. The two East African celebrities had a relationship for a few years until they publicly split. What we have discovered however is that the split was meant to keep the media away from their private lives and behind closed doors, they were a great couple.

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This has been revealed by Amber Lulu just after her sex-tape with another man only identified as Nuh Mziwanda was leaked online. The video making rounds on social media shows Amber giving oral sex to Mziwanda as the latter, seated on a chair, records everything. It is not clear who leaked the video but Amber Lulu has not denied being the person in the video.

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While on a radio interview, Amber Lulu shocked listeners when she revealed that the video was recorded while chilling out after a videoshoot of the pair’s upcoming music video. Mziwanda is an artiste as well. She however denied having any intentions of leaking the video and maintained that it was a private intimate moment that should never have found its way online.

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Amber Lulu went ahead to apologize to the affected people including her family, friends, fans, and revealed that the video affected her relationship with her boyfriend Prezzo. The two have been keeping their romance out of the public eye but Amber had to apologize publicly to make Prezzo know how sorry she is. She said;

It wasn’t love. It was an accident. I thought about Prezzo. He is the man that I’m in a relationship with. I disappointed him. We’ve started arguing, even with his friends and family. He is my lover, I thought about him all that time when the video leaked. Prezzo ni mume wangu.

I love Prezzo and I’m asking for his forgiveness. I’ve cried a lot. I just need him to understand me. I’m human and I make mistakes. I plead for forgiveness. I love him so much. I’m so stressed up right now. It is not good what I did.

To validate her apology, Amber Lulu went ahead to confess that she has slept with other men in the past including former Ya Moto band lead singer Aslay but promised never to cheat again. Prezzo is yet to comment about the entire situation.

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