Diamond Platnumz must be right up tight on the script of his life and he is not letting any scene out of the story of his life. The singer, just like global icons Eminem and 50 Cent, is to feature as a main actor in an upcoming television series, ‘A Womanizer’.

When he launched his Wasafi media group, we all thought it was to promote his music and that of his friends but Diamond Platnumz’s plans are beyond that. The Wasafi Record label CEO is venturing into acting and he is set to take the lead role in ‘Womanizer, an upcoming movie that will be showing in series on his Wasafi TV.

Why him though? For a man whose career has been crowded with controversies surrounding on and off relationships with various women, why would he take on such a movie role? And what a title! East Africa’s top Casanova is set to show the world a little more than they have already seen of him in this new movie.

Diamond Platnumz revealed about the movie project on his new Africa themed show, ‘Kaa Hapa’, saying that he will be making his first movie appearance in a Wasafi TV in-house series. He was clearing the air about the raunchy videos that leaked online months ago of him and an Indian woman frolicking in bed. He distanced himself from the video saying it was a snippet from the ‘A Womanizer’ movie. He said;

The Indian lady is currently at her home in Dubai. She left immediately after shooting her parts for a movie. There is a movie we were shooting for Wasafi TV, a series known as ‘A Womanizer’ and I will play as the main character in the film. So the videos and photos that people saw were from the movie, even Hamisa’s (Mobetto), because she is a cast too.

Hearing that Hamisa was set to be part of the cast in this new movie, Diamond Platnumz was asked if Zari Hassan too will be given a role in the upcoming series to which he said he had completely no idea since he is not the scriptwriter. He however assured his fans that he was given the role that suited him best. Of course!

They gave me the character and I had to play it because in passing the message, you have been in sync with the character. My character is someone who love women and I think that is why they gave the role.

Diamond is not the first celebrated artiste to immortalize his image through movies and he follows the list of other global icons as well as continental singers who have appeared in a couple of movies before.

What can we say? Perfect role for the womanizer.

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