Uganda’s next Afro Pop Queen Lillian Nazziwa aka Lily Kadima has been promising her fans a concert this year and she has finally made it official by announcing its dates as 4th August this year after the release of her Ighe Olinaki album recently.

In a statement made on her social media accounts, she asserted that the concert is dubbed Ighe Olinaki Live Concert, the Jungle Experience.

                                                                         Singer Lily Kidima

We are furthermore informed that the concert will be held in Eastern Uganda at Jinja Sailing Club

“Ighe Olinaki concert is finally here the best jungle experience is to happen at Jinja Sailing club and I have never done this, I will do it on 4th August”

Lily Kadima said.

The word Ighe Olinaki is a Lusoga phrase meaning “What do you have with you” meaning that for her she has music for her fans, now for you what do you have?

                                           Lilly Kidima

It should be remembered that she is a live music performance queen to be since all the shows she has done are live music putting into account the distinctive shows like Bayimba festival plus other thrilling cultural shows she has put up in happening places all over the country.

Dust off your dancing shoes, Mark your calendars for the day and come through we have fan.

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