Bebe Cool

Gagamel International CEO has retaliated to the so much criticism coming from fellow artistes, music critics, and music fans who have constantly regarded his current music as not suitable for his age. He also describes the few secrets that have helped him remain relevant for all these years.

Bebe Cool is one of Uganda’s best ever artistes. He has lasted for over two decades blessing the industry with good music and a lot more including the many controversies that have largely contributed to his relevance for this whole while.

Moses Ssali however faces stiff competition from the new crop of young artistes whose music has redefined the style of music and of course criticism from music critics who think the music he is doing now no longer suits his age.

In his defense, Bebe Cool says that as an artiste, you have to evolve with the changing trends. The music that was relevant in 1992 can no longer have the same impact on listeners today. He also says he has different target audiences with over 77% of the current Uganda population being below 30 years of age.

Read his reasons in detail below;

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