Uganda’s top Female artists who have at least lived a taste of time Sheebah Karungi aka “Karma Queen” and Cindy Sanyu aka “The King herself” are set to bring the city down in their highly anticipated music battle.

We can all agree that the 2018 Music Marathon started with lots of energy a thing that signaled it was going to be hot than everyone expected. The unexpected birth of artists like Fik Fameica, Vinka, the Who Is Who Rap battle that was ignited by Ffefe Busi and later saw the up coming Recho Rey grow wings to battle it out with the boys to mention but a few.

                                              Musician Sheebah

We have however had some setbacks like the “The Battle of Legends” between Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool that never materialized but at least by the look of things Sheebah and Cindy are set to nurse our wounds.

In an exclusive interview with UBC’s Magic Radio, Cindy has confidently asserted that she is ready for the music fight as she goes bare knuckles with the ‘Beera Nange’ hit singer to prove who rules the jungle.

                                                                 Cindy Sanyu

“You guys already know what it is I’m not the Queen, I am the Kingherself so I’m ever ready 24/7 so anytime you wanna bring on Sheebah I’m right here baibe,”

Affirmed singer Cindy Sanyu.

The city revelers have already started to highly anticipate for the music show down that it will be the event of the year but lets wait and see how it goes when the dates are set.

Ladies and Gentlemen start saving and get ready to witness the head of the Jungle and of-course men will be treated with the best optical nutrition from the half dressed female artists but lets save that opinion for another day.

Mbu will keep you posted.


The only surviving civilian Afande

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