Tanzania’s Music star Diamond Platnumz has again set all the social media platforms a blaze by the way he is staying on his baby Moma’s scripts let it be Zari Hassan or Mobetto.

A few days ago, Diamond was seen in cordial terms with the mother of his two children Zari Hassan as they came together for the success of his music video Iyena. The singer went a head to share his pictures taking up the co-parenting job as he held his two kids a thing that prompted a rumor that the two might get back together.

                                         Diamond doing the Co-parenting

Zari however shut down any hope of reconciling with Diamond when a fan boldly asked her about the status of their relationship. Regardless, it is safe to say he has made significant strides with Zari as they can at least have a decent conversation.

Well latest coming in indicate that Diamond seems to have taken his love and generosity Hamissa Mobetto’s way as the two openly shared a warm moment online.  In a post seen by MBU, Hamissa’s son with the singer is seen in a photo inside a luxurious looking house, with the caption: “Goodnight everybody!”

Diamond, among other fans complementing the young lad, slides in with a comment of his own which stated “I hope you like the house daddy!”.

While the conversation was taking place on one-year old Daylan’s Instagram handle, it does not take rocket science to figure that it was Daylan’s mom Hamissa who was operating. As if she was waiting for the right moment to thank her baby daddy online, Hamissa, through her own Instagram account , could not help but gush at Diamond for his generosity.

It was quite strange for the singer to be in such cordial terms with both Hamissa and Zari at the same time, considering he broke Zari’s heart not too long ago and as for Hamissa, the two were involved in a brutal legal tussle over their son.

Anyway we will keep you posted on any thing.

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