Cindy on a scene in the movie.

Musician Cindy Sanyu who is known not only for her dancehall prowess, but also her raunchy dressing and dance styles is set to face Legal actions over failure to pay debts she agreed to after failing to turn up for the performances when she was booked last year on the 31st of December 2017.

The queen herself Cindy is said to have received UgSh 2 Million from Bliq Events Entertainment last year as partial payment of the agreed 4 million together with her band after the performances but the singer never showed up.

                                                  Cindy Sanyu during one of her performances

According to one Denis Cindy’s representative during the agreement of the performance deal and in court revealed to us that the singer had been summoned Nakawa court to respond to charges filed by Bliq events entertainment.

Nakawa court magistrate Noah Sajjabi advised Cindy’s representatives and lawyers that the singer and the complainant should take matters out of court and solve amicably and refund the concerned body the required amount, the court ruling as well instructed the complainant to report to court on Monday in case they fail to have a mutual agreement.

Close sources have also indicated that solving the issue out of court wouldn’t have been a problem but Bliq Events Entertainment have raised the amount from the UgX 4M to UgX12M so as to cover for all the damages and losses they incurred when Cindy failed to show up as she had agreed.

We will keep  you posted.

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