Men are not anywhere part of Sheebah Karungi’s plans. Queen Karma continues to make it clear that she has worked really hard for everything she has and she does not need any man to make it her life. She urges fellow women to be independent and if need be, only marry the right ones.

Team No Sleep songstress is one of the most successful artistes in the Uganda music industry currently, and one of the all-time most influential female celebrities in the country. The common saying that behind every successful man is a strong woman and vice versa does not apply in Sheebah’s world. She is self made!

While on an interview, the ‘Mummy Yo’ singer said that she has worked hard for everything she has, from her house, to the bills, hair, clothes, rent, among other things. She emphasizes however that it is not such an easy thing to do especially in the current world where men greatly influence women’s lifestyles.

Sheebah states that she has been single for her entire life and it is one of the few reasons why she thinks she has made it in life. The singer urges fellow women to avoid the distraction men bring in their lives, and to be stronger independently if they are to make it big in life.

The TNS queen also goes ahead to encourage those in marriages to be sure they are with the right partner. In her description of a right man, Sheebah has this to say;

The married Sheebaholics, I love the fact that you are married but are you married to the right person? That’s what matters. Is he supporting you? Is he respecting your goals? Is he respecting your morals? Marry that man. If he’s not, shut it down!

Watch the video below;

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