Uganda’s top raising rapper Jim Nola and Dream Bouy have again proved to be the voice of the voiceless after they released the visuals of “Mr. President” a song that can as well be termed as a “Revolutionary Music”

Born Bulega James Ssenyonjo aka Jim Nola MC is a Ugandan songwriter, Rapper and Poet who grew up on the streets of kawempe Mpererwe kampala the capital. He started doing music since child hood till he realized his dream of becoming a hip-hop (Rapper) artist a few years ago and he has risen to the point securing himself a top node on the rappers Table.

                                                                              Jim Nola MC

Well like we saw President Museveni giving us the State of the Nation Address, Jim Nola MC and Dream Bouy have also come up with their own version dubbed State of the Ghetto Nation Address in form of a song “Mr. President”.

Jim Nola went on to confirm that its a letter he has written to the President Of Uganda in a way of addressing the issues affecting them in the Ghetto since he is one of the Ghetto products.

“This is THE LETTER TO MR. PRESIDENT……. As a victim of the hustle life in the ghetto, i wrote a few about what we go through aiming to achieve change.. Take action coz we are HUNGRY and ANGRY.!!!!!!!”

Jim Nola penned down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a Letter To Mr President;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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