One of Busoga’s most successful export Zari Hassan has finally come out and let the world know how old she is amidst the world where most female socialites have always taken revealing their true age as a taboo,

The mother of five and Ex-Wife of Tanzanian Music King Diamond Platinumz  took it to her Instagram to celebrate a beauty collage she started with her late ex-hubby in South Africa 10 years ago.

Through her Instagram post, Zari shared a photo of herself in an office and revealed that it was taken when they had just launched the school.

According to the damsel, she started the school with her ex-hubby when she was only 28-years-old.

“Age doesn’t guarantee a higher income, your value does. Me at 30, because I knew my value, that has made me create my worth!(sic) TBT Celebrating 10 years of Brooklyn City College,”

Zari penned down.

Her post attracted the attention of her fans who had for long been waiting eagerly to know her real age. Driven by curiosity, a random fan asked her whether she was 40-years-old following her revelation that the photo was taken a decade ago when she was just 30.

In a quick rejoinder, The mother of Five Zari refused to be ‘aged’ and claimed she was 28-years-old when the photo was taken, holding that she would be turning 38 in September 2018.

Well we can just break it all down that Zari is 10 years older than the father of her two children, Diamond since the  musician is 28-years-old, a fact that makes Zari with her age pass as his elder sister.

Anyway on behalf of Mbu, all we can say is Age is just a number but Love wins.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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