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Cindy Sanyu has revealed what she hated most as a child. Growing up, not many of us really loved school. Sometimes we did not even know why, but we just never ever felt like school was a comfortable place to be. The singer however seems to have found a way to make kids love school and she gave her advice.

In a video posted online, singer Cindy Sanyu mentioned how she did not like school as a child. But growing up she realized that it is not school that she actually hated but the process and system of education because while at school she did love the time their. She loved her friends, teachers, breaking the rules, playing – it all made school time a fun time, but the process of going to school is what she hated.

She states that the process is what stresses a child which in turn drains her brain to a point that she cannot study anything because a miserable child cannot be a smart child.

Due to the above said, Cindy then started looking for ways of how to ease up the process for her 7 year old daughter. Listen to her elaborate more on how she did that;

What do you think of Cindy’s advice?

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