There is something awkward about Ugandan socialite Don Zella that will not just let her dress to her ankles. What is even bizarre is that she shares the nude photos she takes with the public on her social media platforms. The mother of three has done it again, and this time she is on top of a man in the photos.

Don Zella posted images on her Instagram account with her only dressed in a shirt, seated legs spread on an unidentified mans pelvic area. The tattooed man was naked as well, and he hid his face from the camera. Don Zella posted two photos with the first having a caption; “Evening snack”.

The second picture also on top of the same man had the caption, “Who wants to join us?”

It is not the first time the socialite is posting pictures of the kind, and actually weeks ago, she posted semi nude pictures on her Facebook showing off how sexier she had gotten with age.

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