For close to a year now, Amos and Josh have been absent from the active music scene after a couple of troubles pushed them off their promising music career course. They are back now, stronger and better, and they are ready to make the magic happen again.

Amos and Josh are a Kenyan music group created in 2013. They rose to fame after coming second at the Tusker Project Fame (Season 6) singing competition. They are staunch Christians who do secular music that has crossed borders to win them awards and fans from allover Africa.

They are the sweet voices and melodies behind many hits songs on the East African music industry. Songs like ‘Badaaye’, ‘Smile’, ‘Zingua’, among others, have found it easy to stick on most music lovers’ playlists in East Africa. Their biggest track however is ‘Nerea’ (the remix) on which they collaborated with famous boy group Sauti Sol in 2015.

2017 was a year to forget for the duo and according to their confession, it might just be their worst ever year together but they picked some important lessons to help them for the rest of their lives. The problems they encountered tortured them emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually.

To start with, their production was marred by various issues which deterred them from releasing music as expected by fans. They ended the entire year without releasing a single song. This came amidst immense pressure from their fans who demanded music from their favorite duo.

They reveal that there was even more pressure from people around them to switch their singing style to something that would suit the music that was receiving massive airplay at the time. Many advised that it was the only way Amos and Josh would survive the dynamic industry.

As a result of absence of new music, the duo stop being called to concerts and shows as other endorsement deals began to bypass them. This made them weaker financially and eventually broke to a point of missing various meals, lacking rent, and other basic needs. At this point, the duo considered splitting because they saw no reason of keeping it together.

They somehow however managed to survive through the storm till they picked themselves up with a new song titled ‘Uko Juu’. The song, on which they feature Abel Chungu, was actually recorded in early 2017 but failed to make it out of studio due to the above mentioned troubles. The duo also feels the song came out at the right time.

Watch ‘Uko Juu’ below;

Amos and Josh say the troubles and tough times made them courageous, stronger, maturer, and more focused on directing their efforts towards their talents and also bringing positive change to their society.

Welcome back AJ, let the music talk!

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