Singer Ibrahim Mayanja aka Professor Big Eye, who has for a couple of months been so silent in the music industry has asked critics to credit some respect to the Bryan White Foundation.

Big Eye being one of the few artists that survived the knife at the said foundation headed by Bryan Kirumira alias Bryan White, is still one of the acting ambassadors and thinks that serving such a positive mission company is a great feeling unless one has his own person problems.

                                                    Singer Big Eye

The Salompasi singer further noted that the Bryan White Foundation is an officially fully registered company is at equal levels as you can see the likes of MTN, Airtel, UNICEF etc however much their obligations may differ.

“To all those negative about my contract at the Bryan White Foundation, Bryan White Foundation is an officially fully registered Organisation/Company, however much each company has its different obligations and mission. So where is the problem of me being an ambassador of the positive mission company??  Unless if some of you guys have personal problems”

he begun.

                                                              The Podium Hit Maker

He went on to add that, “the Bryan White Foundation has helped thousands of people in around the country and most are proud of it. If you discourage me from working and I die tomorrow will you look after my family?”, he questioned.

“So guys put some respect to our Brand. And remember tomorrow is another day let’s work than discouraging those who are working”,

Big Eye pleaded to whoever cared to listen.

Big Eye was one of the true cadres of the Podium family before it lost its money touch and probably he is still Loyal despite all its financial constraints.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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