There is a new saga that involves Winnie Nwagi whose new ‘Munange’ song is reported to have been stolen from Henry Mwanje, an upcoming artiste signed to the Da Nu Eagles band. Mwanje claims that Winnie, together with her writer Izon T, used some of the lyrics and rhythm from his song titled ‘Togumenya’ to make ‘Munange’.

The Ugandan music industry has one particular vice that will never stop happening without the copyright law being put in action consistently. The act of artistes ‘stealing’ each others intellectual property; from lyrics, recorded sound, beats, video concepts, even already released songs, is something that is slowly killing the industry from within.

Often, we have come across scenarios with younger upcoming artistes claiming that their music was stolen by much established artistes. They usually lose the battle because of their position on the music hierarchy as the more popular artistes get away with it.

Henry Mwanje, an artiste with Da Nu Eagles says his song titled ‘Togumenya’ was used to reproduce Winnie Nwagi’s new song titled ‘Munange’. Henry claims that a writer by the names of Izon T copied and pasted his original song to create ‘Munange’ which he sold to Winnie Nwagi for about Shs 1m. Winnie Nwagi loved the lyrics and rhythm of the song, went ahead to put her voice to it, and it was released last month. What Mwanje does not know however is if Nwagi did this adamantly because he tried to reach out to the songstress’ manager before the song was released but was never given feedback.

Henry Mwanje says that Izon T, also a former artiste and songwriter in Da Nu Eagles, is a culprit of the copy and paste vice, and has in recent times reproduced music for other artistes from Eddy Kenzo and Serena Bata’s music. Watch Mwanje state his case in the video below;

Having worked with Da Nu Eagles before and putting into consideration that the circumstances surrounding his exit from the band were wrapped around conflict makes Henry Mwanje believe that Izon T is doing this to create controversy and somehow create a bad image for him as an artiste and the band as well.

Winnie Nwagi and Izon T have however distanced themselves from the entire saga and have not given a comment to deny nor accept Mwanje’s allegations.

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On 24th October 2017, Izon T came out to elaborate on his bitter-sour relationship with the Da Nu Eagles band as he broke away from the band. He noted how they were using his music and talent to their advantage and yet he was not earning much from his hard work.

This battle could be bigger that we see it, and the anticipation of Swangz Avenue getting involved as Winnie Nwagi’s record label makes it even more interesting.

Who do you think is in wrong this time? You are the judge. We shall keep you updated on all the developments from this saga.

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