What goes around comes around and that’s what can exactly suit socialite Herbert Shonga’s love life for now.

Moving forward, no sooner had rumors started to spread like wildfire that socialite Herbert Shonga had called it quits with his girlfriend Sheilat Murungi than when he quickly took to his social media to promise his former wife Dorothy Shonga a wedding come March 16th, 2019.

” Thank God. So grateful for my family. my wife is one in a million. Sorry for wat I put u thru. COME 16th MARCH AM GOING TO WED U AGAIN”,

Shonga posted on his Facebook page.

However, reminiscent of how their marriage collapsed at the eve of their celebration of a one year anniversary was due to Sheilat Murungi after Dorothy accused her husband of infidelity.

Sheilat was a public relations officer at their now defunct Kampala road based club Space Lounge and two were last spotted at the just concluded Roast and Rhythm event holding each other tight but barely even a week , the tables have again turned around.

We hope this time round if the wedding happens to two stay in a peaceful marriage and take good care of their children.

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