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Uganda’s celebrated Dancehall and Ragga Gospel star Jaliah Nasejje aka Zabuli has revealed a humbling story of her life in full detail before and after Christ, plus how she almost lost her life while trying to abort.

The self-proclaimed ‘woman of steel’ took to her social media and reflected on how God has transformed her life from facing a troublesome childhood to becoming a true born again christian and what she is today.

In her life changing story the Boom Boom gospel dancehall star narrated how she actively got involved in several cases of drug trafficking in schools, sexual sins at a young age, and law breaking activities that at some point landed her in prison. Additionally Zabuli who started having sex at a very tender age, by 19 years she got pregnant and tried to abort where she narrowly survived losing her dear life together with her baby.

Full life story of Zabuli
My life in detail before and after Christ…
Born and raised in Entebbe, Uganda, by a Christian mother and Muslim father, I am number three in a family of five siblings. My father and extended family on his side wanted wanted my siblings and I to raised in Islam but we didn’t really embrace that faith; My mother introduced us to a Jesus of no do’s and don’ts contrary to Islam, so that’s what we gravitated towards. We were outcasts of our family. According to our culture and Islam, I was supposed to embrace my father’s religion but I chose to rebel. I wanted to find my own path.
My father considered it to be unpardoned disrespect. One time, he got very angry and beat me up to during an entire day; it was bad that even my clothes got torn as a result. I ran away and spent a week outside of home. When my dad seemed to have calmed down , my mom found me and returned me home. Islam seemed to be the source of so much pain in my family. The religion made way for domestic violence, it broke my family apart and we are still picking the pieces.

My mom was a prayerful woman , her faith had an impact on me. Since 2007 , I was practicing Christian. I would attend church services regularly and even serve dance in the ministry, however my life style was contrary to the Christian faith. I was involved in drug trafficking in schools, sexual sin at a very young age, and law-breaking activities that at some point landed me in prison. I was leaving in darkness though I was professing Christian, I had no relationship with Jesus.

I started being sexually active when I was very young. Now I realize that it was an attempt to feel loved, away to deal with lack of love and validation from my father, and to top it off he had died of HIV/AIDS.
The turning point of my life was when I was 19. I became pregnant and the father of my child was Muslim with whom I didn’t envisage any future. Me having a child felt like I was betraying my mom and myself as well, So I decided to terminate the pregnancy.

I tried to abort myself but it didn’t work, so tried to seek a doctor.
In that labor ward as the doctor was conducting the abortion, I started losing my life. I don’t know what was happening but I started dying. In the midst of the chaos, I felt a peaceful presence and I had never felt as secure as I felt that moment. God was there and started speaking to me. The voice warned me of my repercussions of the life I was leading. A huge conviction landed on my heart of what I was doing in my life as a general. So I asked God for a chance to truly give me a chance and embrace his plan for my life. The baby had gone but I made it alive. Then I gave my life completely to Christ in 2015 after a Mizizi discipleship at Mavuno church in Kampala.

We hopefully think this story inspires someone out there who could have lost his or her hopes.

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