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Multi award winning gospel singer and writer Levixone Lala, real names Sam Lulus Lubyogo inked a juicy deal in Kenya over the weekend

Although the details of the deal were not revealed but we can confirm that the born again believer penned a contract with an unknown company in an office while being guided by an office lady according to a video clip seen.

                                                                                          Singer Levixone

Levixone was only seen signing to a couple of papers without even asking any questions something that meant he knew whatever small detail was in the contract.

“GOD IS GOOD… Kenya is becoming my home … pen on big paper..#gospelMusic_is_full of life”,

he posted on his Facebook.

Of late many of his fans have been confusing him of a secular artiste because of his zeal to take his music to a different level without fear to extent that his music is played even in bars and nightclubs something that is contrary to most of born again believers.

And his latest hit tune Turn on the replay raised many born again believers eye brows when they overheard his song play in bars and nightclubs.

Congs Levixone

The only surviving civilian Afande

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