The Born to Conquer (B2C) music trio’s manager only Identified as Enock came out and labeled Swangz Avenues Julius Kyazze as an evil man.

The rift between the two managers resulted when Swangz’ Kyazze officially announced that he will be jetting in Jamaican music reggae star Tarrus Riley for their 10 years anniversary event.

                                                                                Tarrus Riley

The two had earlier agreed on not bringing in an international act because of having the shows on the same weekend and the B2C manager moved their show a week later, but was then totally let down when he heard and saw posters showing the coming of the ‘Just the way your are girl’ hit star for the Swangz event that left Enock (B2C) manager fuming.

” Kyazze your are damn evil man. You are very evil and you need to man and grow up”,

Enock bitterly echoed out his cold, hard truth feeling about Kyazze.

                                                                    B2C Music

In short period of time Swangz Avenue management has been implicated in many scandals with the latest being their adamant refusal to hand over the full rights of Irene Ntale’s official Facebook page.

However, Kyazze has kept silent since without even saying any single word as we await what he is up to but ofcourse as MBU we will keep you posted.

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