Singer Bebe Cool

Self-styled singer Big Size Bebe Cool chided all musicians who were involved in the mobile money and social media tax demonstrations, saying they all acted just like little nuisance.

“I always love to look out for positives from any bad situation. Now straight to the issue of social media tax what I think is that the musicians just acted like nuisance”,

Bebe said.

Bebe Cool, real names Moses Ssali while appearing on a local evening television show expressed his disappointment in musicians and members of Parliament for opposing a move directed by the president simply because the whole public knows that he directly benefits from the tax payers money unlike other artistes.

The Up and Whine singer heavily criticized the Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine for always only being a negative thinking minded person instead of a times finding positives from a bad issue and suggest ways of how to improve or adjust on certain matters.

The Gagamel chief went ahead to note that Uganda’s social media is the worst compared to other nations as it is often used to fuel fights between women citing the Mary Nameere and Faridah Nakaziibwe rift, posting of dead bodies among many other sorts of bad habits while strongly supporting the taxation if the use of the tax is well scripted and put in accordance.

He added saying that his fellow artistes who were indulged in the demonstration were only looking for cheap popularity as they have never paid for any taxes on the money paid to them while going for their gigs.

“I can truly a sure you that ever since I started doing music no musician has ever paid any tax from his payments yet we have to pay. We always get paid via mobile money without any tax”,

he added.

He pointed out that its also not good to just leave everything especially the social media free bloggers yet they earn as these guys have to pay.

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