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Since July 1st, many artistes have come out to give their opinions concerning the infamous taxes recently imposed on the usage of social media and mobile money transactions. Eddy Kenzo is the latest artiste to go against the social media tax and he gave his reasons, some that will surprise you.

A few others have gone physical about their opinions and joined demonstrations on the streets of Kampala to express their dissatisfaction as per the taxes that have caused an uproar nationwide uproar. Bobi Wine, A Pass, Lydia Jazmine, among others have made it clear that they are against the taxes and hence should be scrapped. Bebe Cool however on the other side thinks the taxes should stay because they are needed to raise funds for the government to facilitate national development.

Celebrities took center stage in the demonstrations that took place on Wednesday against the OTT tax.

Do you know what Eddy Kenzo thinks about the tax?

Well, appearing on his Facebook live video, the ‘Pull Up’ singer said that these taxes are financially oppressive even to the celebrities that people think are rich. Using himself as an example, he says that celebs do earn a lot of money through their art but they have so much to spend on and in the end the hefty turns into peanuts. From music videos, audio production, to daily lifestyles, to family, workers associated to the brand, and many other things, the income cannot be enough to add an extra expenditure.

He also blames the parliamentarians for passing the act without caring about the common man. He believes the world is now rotating around social media platforms and it is the way most youths have been developing their businesses, and hence provided them with job opportunities.

Eddy Kenzo is currently on tour in Canada with the Triplets Ghetto Kids.

Eddy Kenzo believes the reason why the Tanzanian economy is stronger than Uganda’s could also be attributed to the country’s policy on internet. The data is cheaper there and social media is free to be used by all citizens, something which has facilitated the growth of many small scale businesses and hence development of the nation as a whole.

Personally, Kenzo says that the tax affects him in many ways. He says he has many fans of different ages from allover the country. The only way they stay updated on his life and music is through social media. Ever since the introduction of this tax, his following has been cut almost into half, and he is worried it could even get worse.

Listen to more of what he had to say in the video below;


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