Forever upcoming artist and one of Uganda’s celebrated actress Hellen Lukoma shocked revealers at Emah Napoleon’s comedy show when she claimed to be a virgin.

Lukoma, who was premiering her latest video sent the audience into frenzy while loudly chanting and naming the breakups she has so far faced.

                                             Hellen Lukoma, and ex-boyfriend Dean Nsubuga

“Am a Virgin as long as no one has taken me to church or mosque. I don’t know what you’re talking about . I am single”,

a jolly Lukoma hinted .

Among the chants that were sent to her included the bitter split where she caught her smart wire guy having s3x live with her sworn enemy.

And when asked about the person who is behind her new ride and the diamond engagement ring she coolly smiled it off saying she just bought it off the street just because it looked nice to her.

“I just bought the ring on the street because I found it attractive, so I decided to take it with me, and am speaking the truth”,

she said.

Well ladies and gentlemen its over to you now to figure if according to Hellen Lukoma she is really a Virgin or no. But anyway why should we care much about that when we have enough issues like social media tax.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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