Never under estimate the power of social media .

This, has left self-styled Big Size Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali, trolled silly by his second opinion on the over the top tax ‘OTT’ and taught the hard way by fans.

As the story goes, the Katono Crooner took to his Facebook on Saturday to try back up what he had earlier said on a local television set but the Gagamel chief was only left flabbergasted all day long although he also tried the fire back but only found himself chickening out of the battle like a small dog hiding its tail behind the its back when it got heated up.

Singer Bebe Cool

He wrote saying,
“OTT part 2
My name being Musa/Moses I agree with the fate that true prophets are never accepted in their communities in their times. That’s why I worry less about the insults that come from those who don’t take time to read , digest and so can’t understand what I say.
Fortunately am not seeking your votes which gives me a luxury of being able to you the bitter truth as it is.
Do we Ugandans know the difference between luxuries and necessities? A luxury is something expensive that is pleasant to have but you can’t avoid to leave without. And a necessity is something you can’t avoid or leave without.
Alcohol, gambling, social media, clubbing etc are luxuries.
Food, water, health/medical care, education, shelter, electricity, roads etc are necessities.
Social media was introduced less than 10 years ago but people but people and businesses already existed and excelled before it was introduced.
Up to now, 90% of the businesses to date succeed without social media in Uganda. As a matter of fact developed economies like China banned social media and its only limited to 17 square mile free trade zone in Shanghai and only make foreign investors feel more at home .
Of what above , would a good leader advise his people to choose?
Be genuine to your self , for the period you have spent on social media, which financial gain have you received? A job, business idea, marriage partner, business contact OR nudity , jokes, lugambo, distruction of marriages, slaying the queen, immortality? I am almost of certain that the few of you who have gained the former have little or no problem paying a mere 200/- for something useful. If you are the majority that gain nothing useful or sensible on social media, why continue spending money on it. Leave it alone the 200/= but the tens of thousands of shillings on data. Banange twebalemu.
Secondly, can we Ugandans start defferianting between assets and liabilities. For anyone to succeed in life, you should know that anything that you spend on without gaining is a liability and anything that brings in money to you is an asset . Today some of you would rather die for a liability than concentrating on acquiring assets. Some of you would spend your on money on building a house that you just sleep in , instead of spending on a house that would fetch you money in form of rent . All this because mwagala Ku slayinga queen babawaane. And you are proud of this Mbewunya”.

While the long post impressed many of his online fans, quite a number of people picked an issue with him and couldn’t leave him alone as they even went harder on him to an extent of sharing insults to each other.

And here a few of how some online critics roasted him until he had to flee and drop his Batiddemu latest video link.

Kamuhanda Emily Promise If A Pass is a goat then we really need lots of goats in this world….me have never seen a goat that thinks better than a human being.
I even didn’t read through because it was too long and I think it didn’t have sense init…Nze Nabikwasa Kyagulanyi.
In fact Bebe has two parts in his brain.. the right side which has nothing left and the left side which has nothing right.

Then he replied to her that embuzi etegela lubuzi.

Fetty Avii Never seen a fool like Bebe cool . I just wonder how even your kids think..!!
Do they really think like you?
If they do, they are all useless creatures like their dad.
Bebe cool kumanyoko.. Have never liked you cause of you’re stupidity.
You always use social media to advertise your wife’s cake business, tell us about the people who get support from you and hea oyasama ebyekisiru…
A Pass bwaba mbuzi ggwe oli mbizzi

Mugume Leonard David Am sure Bebe cool doesn’t know the principles of taxation..
Ignorance is a killer disease.

De Gavana Ug u will die stupid just old childish behavior respect your age tuyambe.

Mbu will keep you posted just in case he posts part 3

The only surviving civilian Afande

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