When Diamond Platinumz former wife Zari Hassan shared a photo on her Instagram account getting too cozy with a white guy, countless people were left with lots of mixed reactions and so many unanswered questions lingering.

According to the small details gathered indicate that mzungu guy who was seen kissing Zari in the photos is a fashion designer to stars at the Gert-Johan Coetzee company in South Africa.

The photos sparked wild and heated up debates online with many coming with their own accusations saying the mzungu is her new man in her life. While others quoting that she had promised to give her twins.

Well , whatever the case might it be but it isn’t yet clear whether the fashion designer is her new man or just a very close friend, but as it is with everything under the sun and moon, time will tell.

                                                 Zari Hassan kissing Her Ex Diamond Platinumz

Basing on some latter reports all the way from Magufuli’s soil, a radio presenter only identified as Maulid Kitenge has so far been the only serious personnel to show interest in Uganda’s socialite as he came up and claimed to be ready to pay dowry and put a ring on Zari’s fingers.

But we keep you posted with the upcoming info if anything be finalised.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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