Gorgeous and youthful good looking songstress Lydia Jazmine was over the weekend left wowed by Mityana nightclub revealers when they freely sang along her new song titled Ojjakunzinta.

The songbird who had just released her latest hit single within less than a fortnight was awed when fans at club ambiance sang word-for-word to her new song something she didn’t expect to receive.

At the fully packed club, the Masuka singer thanked fans for giving her such a heart warming welcome and accepting add on loving her music as she has worked for long to achieve the milestone were by now she no longer needs to introduce her self to fans .

She then had to express her shocking and at the same good feeling experience all the way from Mityana on her social platforms.

“See God!!… Ojjakunzinta
Its barely 2 weeks!!”, she expressed in surprise.

And the song is set to see Jazmine receive more fan base from all over the country as the song is receiving massive airplay and garnering the singer more deals.

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