It seems like singer Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass‘ online wahala has shifted from Bebe Cool to now self called Russian boy Ykee Benda.

The Didi Dada hitmaker came out and dared Ykee to produce a video clip of himself performing at the finals of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia as earlier reports had claimed that he was to perform at opening ceremony but was unfortunately removed off the performing list for that particular gig. Then a few reports came in later saying that he would perform at the closing ceremony as alongside American star Jason Derulo in their collaboration song since they were under the coca cola brand.

                                                                       Singer A Pass

“In other news am still waiting for Ykee Benda’s performance at the World Cup. A promise is a debt my friend”, he noted.

This reminds us how also A Pass’ rival Bebe Cool dared anyone to produce a video clip of singer Jose Chameleon perform at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to an extent that he even put a million shillings and up to date no one has ever come up with , thus Bebe’s act put the claims to bed that the Mateka singer performed at that years World Cup.

                                    Singer Ykee Benda

For Ykee Benda, he can gladly brag that he at least managed to watch the finals live in the stands better than all other musicians who just watched on their small screens in their living rooms.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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