Singer Jazmine

Take it or not but singer Lydia Jazmine has this year punched above her weight in the music industry.

If that doesn’t sound well enough, then you will have to agree with me that she finally broke the glass ceiling if her videos and audios are anything to go by.

                                                                          Singer Jazmine

And of late her videos have not disappointed her audios. As she has always had the best ideas and everything in her videos all the way up there.

With her Masuka video being one of the unmatched, plus You and Me also not doing so bad. However , the Ojjakunzinta video is not all that eye catching as the other mentioned videos.

In the Ojjakunzinta video had good lighting and everything but the creativity was a bit lacking.
Maybe next time better Jazmine.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is “Ojjakunzita” Video

The only surviving civilian Afande

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