If you remember the song Ndabirawa, then you’re no stranger to singer Kalifah Aganaga, the master mind behind this 2012 hit banger. This guy has been working so hard musically over the years but of recent one or two years he had put his feet off the accelerator .

And now is also back in the media. And no, Aganaga doesn’t have another mega hit banger out yet , but the singer was recently involved in a fight with a Galaxy 100.2 Fm entertainment reporter a one Jonathan Nalebo on accusations that the dude is now spoiling his name on radio whenever he talks about him. Yet Aganaga claims that promoting Nalebo’s upcoming artist on huge promises the guy has now turned against him for over a year now.

                                    Galaxy Fm Presenter Jonathan Nalebo

The Oyitangayo hit star took to his Facebook page and wrote when and how he met Nalebo and the promises made him once he had made their struggling upcoming Mina Izo hit limelight.

“I met Jonathan Nalebo in 2016, he was then a manager to upcoming artist Mina Izo with whom I sang Nseko a hit song.
Jonathan and his Galaxy bosses promised me a lot of things in exchange for the collabo which was to promote their artist Mina Izo like, Power play (Airplay), Adverts, headline their big events and shows, an Award..
I did my job which was very clear to everyone. #Nseko is a song to remember, that the evidence.
This guy is now spoiling my name and career whenever he talks about me on Galaxy Fm radio.
He has influenced everyone on the radio not to put my music on Rotation something they had promised.
They don’t advertise me on their shows, its now a year.
They don’t play my music.
He brags around that “Nagwa” on the same radio.
Now he finally beats me up.
They banned my music from playing on their radio station, is this fair after I all did this to them”,

Aganaga wrote.

                                                                                           Singer Aganaga

However, Kalifah has new tune coming up featuring singer Jose Chameleon and filed a case at Kabalagala Police station accusing Jonathan Nalebo of Assault and Malicious damage.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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