The Miss Uganda video making rounds has been an epitome of mixed feelings from different sides with the latest development being a panelist Nana Kagga writing off her critics as ‘people seeking relevance’. This was in attempt to respond to the backlash that the panel has received on social media platforms in the past days.

In a shared Facebook post by Evelyn Masaba, a Facebook user Fixon Rich Sebata calls out the ladies on the panel as ‘losers’ triggering Nana Kagga to reply with a comment “Oooooooooookkkkkaaaaaaaaayyyy. You are now relevant. Moving swiftly on. who do y’all need to win Miss Uganda” however after several hours, she chose to delete the comments after facing even more backlash before deleting her account!

Here is the transcript of their conversation:

Nana Kagga tells off her critics before deleting her comments.


Nana Hill Kagga Macpherson is a Ugandan actress, filmmaker, content creator, scriptwriter, petroleum engineer and a motivational speaker.

In a related event, radio presenter and MC Bryan Mackenzie has equally commented about the viral video citing the need for girls to be corrected whilst in wrong but goes ahead to disagree with the manner in which it was done

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