Isaac Bwogi , is an up-and-rising artists who does dancehall and Afro beat kind of music. He goes by stage name as Kendriq Killa who for long has been having a big dream of making it big in the music industry.

He is has been signed to Hyve Young Nation record label since 2017 to date. And he is the record labels leading act entertainer . He an energetic stage performer who involves and makes the crowd feel his vibes.

                                                             Top Rising Star Kendriq Killa

He was born and raised in the areas of Kawempe. He went to Kawempe Decorus for his primary level education and hit Kawanda SSS for High school.

Apparently he is at Muteesa 1 Royal University pursuing where he is pursuing a degree course. We caught up with him on a quick one on one because of his stage name and exciting performance he exhibited at a certain nightclub in Kampala.

Why among all names did you choose Kendriq Killa? Was Kendrick Lamer you inspirer?
I used to do lots of rap music in high school and students ended up calling me Kendrick Lamer thus converting to Kendriq Killa.

Where do you see yourself in the music industry in the next five years?
I see myself as a top artiste in this country as non has ever has been produced before.

As you a very young artist with only a single track, what challenges have you so far encountered in this young career of yours?
I have encountered a lot of challenges some mentionable and others not but what perturbs me most is the disrespecting of uprising artists. Its one of the worst vices in this industry at shows. Mostly we are denied the microphone to perform at some shows.

What have been some of memorable moments so far?
Playing my music on television and scooping some gigs with only one song is remarkable to me. And mostly I thank the hard of Hyve Young Nation management cause they have foregone a lot to see me rise but am still a work in progress. So people and fans should watch out for my next products as the year goes on.

                                                                          Kendriq Killa

What’s that song that has seen you reach so many places in a very quick time?
My song called Waliwona. It bad, mega club hit bang that doesn’t leave any body seated once played.

Where do you see the future of Ugandan music currently?
Depending on the quality of videos produced now, the industry is heading in the very right direction.
Since you got only one song when do you hope to release the second one?
Come early August I will be releasing a new audio titled I Love You.

How do you balance school and music especially when during school days?
I time table myself very well although at times its hard but one has got to sacrifice and push on in order to get his/her future goals.

Are you dating?
No . Am still single and am just in love with my music.

What are the good things that Hyve Young Nation has so far done for you?
We have a Hyve wear clothing store. And they done a very huge job in pushing our music.

What are your currently top five songs so far now in the industry?
1. Biri biri by King Saha
2. You and me by Lydia Jazmine
3. Shuga Daddy by Kvan
4. Waliwona by Kendriq Killa and
5. Nakikutee by Ffefe Busi ft Vip Jemo

Do you have any music background?
No . Am the first and game changer

Well this young energetic artist will soon be on the Podium.

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