Credit: Jose Chameleone

Self proclaimed heavy weight music doctor Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone is said to have hit a disc joker with a mic citing poor sound.

The incident happened while at a grand opening of a new bar where he was called as the main artist of the night .

                                                                   Singer Jose Chameleone

But he lost his cool when the DJ failed to give a proper sound that could well match with his performance hence throwing a mic to the DJ after several times of asking him to correct his machines.

This is not the first that the Leon Island boss has done this . Even some time back but not this year , the Champion singer did the same thing in Gulu town when still a DJ failed to give him proper sound and ended up also being the receiving side followed by lots of abuses by the pencil thin music star.


Now we at Mbu, we don’t know whether its becoming Chameleon’s habit of beating DJ’s whenever there is poor sound.

And to the DJ and sound engineer let’s hope your jobs are safe as such a thing is critically terrible for an opening bar or nightclub

We will keep you posted!

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