The photos of singer Spice Diana and rapper Gravity Omutujju that got viral on social media while intimately kissing mouth to mouth have caused mixed reactions and sparked immense stir among their fans.

The photos that were secretly kept for while, surprisingly made their way to social media by an unknown person, leaving many suspecting if the two were really in love or just friends with benefits.

                                                           Spice Diana and Gravity

However, while Spice Diana was appearing on NBSTV Ketchup show , she first acted as if she wasn’t aware of the photos but later acknowledged them saying their is nothing wrong with kissing.

“What’s wrong with kissing? Anyway Its an everyday thing “,

the 32 singer said.

As many are still guessing and suspecting what could the main agenda behind the photos , let’s hope Gravity’s wife won’t pack her bags and leave because.

And of recent Spice was caught in the same act kissing Dj Roja on set were she again acted normal but left Roja shying away till end of the show.

However, we at the family of Mbu we are not yet sure if Spice Diana has turned into a kissing artist of sorts but we will keep you up to date with all your information.

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