Singer David Lutalo, who fuses kadongo Kamu and pop music has again came under spotlight after an upcoming artist a one Emmanuel Kulishizhi accused him of snatching his song titled “Nkwagalira ddala”.

Nkwagalira ddala is Lutalo’s latest song that has been working crowds and was released a few months back when false reports suggesting that he (Lutalo) had been beaten up emerged, yet it was a photo of his video shoot in 2015 for one of his songs.

                                                                      Singer David Lutalo

But a one Kulishizhi has just come out to claim that the song belonged to him seven years ago. He further noted that the song was to be a masterpiece in industry but came short because he lacked financial assistance and a supporting hand to pull up his career hence giving a break to music and decided to go to do other businesses that suited his energy and proper understanding instead of wasting time in music.

“I did Nkwagalira ddala seven years ago and it was destined to be a mega tune as it is now but due to lack of an assisting hand to my music career since I was an upcoming artist I ended up being dragged down.

“So I decided to give music a break and that’s when Lutalo used the opportunity to replicate my song. And when you listen to both songs they kind of sound the same and some words are the same”,

Kulishizhi said.

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