Despite the fact that Ugandan music industry has been one of the most dynamic entertainment sectors in the country for a period of time, young & energetic female Guitarist Nshuti S Mbabazi is ready to tussle with it all out.

Nshuti S Mbabazi is a young talented guitarist with a burning desire to make it big in the music industry. She is a Ugandan born but based in Kigali, Rwanda who started her commercial singing career in the early this year.

                                                                                    Singer Nshuti

She has done a couple of cover songs that have been overwhelmingly welcomed in Rwanda if her YouTube video clips and comments on her social media platforms are anything to go by .

Mbabazi is one of those rare guitarist you won’t easily find who can confidently, if not so effortlessly play a guitar, let it be acoustic with both hands easily and sing along any lively choice of your song you ask her to do.

According to her fans online they believe that upcoming musician has so far done justice to covers of Eddy Yawe’s Kayembe, the late Elly Wamala’s Nga Bwewakolanga, Hallelujah a gospel, Redemption by Bob Marley and Amazing grace and has inspired lots of other youths with some asking her to teach them.

While speaking to MBU website, Mbabazi narrated that she was inspired to play the guitar by two Ugandan musicians who without any doubt are part of Uganda’s finest guitarist, Cong’s to Stamina mummy Irene Ntale who of recent had a mega show at Kampala Serena hotel and veteran guitar master Aziz Axion.

Nshuti S Mbabazi has also confirmed to us that very soon she will be on The Podium which is an entertainment live show that happens on Thursdays and Saturdays every week live on MBU Face Book Page so that you can have a chance to interact with her live.

We will keep you posted.

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