Fik Fameica was also dissed in 'Who Is Who'.

Rapper Shafik Walukaga, best known by his stage name as Fik Fameica set club Amnesia ablaze when he put up an electric performance on Thursday night.

While premiering his Born 2 Win video, Fameica produced a sublime performance that he rarely displays that sent Kampala party animals screaming, shouting on top of their voices and singing along to his new tune and old ones as they asked for more towards his conclusion.

                                                 Fik Fameica, Mother and young Brother

This left Fameica excited and somehow satisfied of how much Kampala revealers love him and appreciate his work.

Fameica sang all his songs dating way back from Pistol, Kutama, My Property, Kachima, Gwe Abisoobola and Born 2 Win among others .

The only surviving civilian Afande

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