Leone island president and self claimed music doctor Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has come out and called upon music lovers and fans to get ready for a mega cross generation hit tune.

The tune which is yet to be given a title will feature the legendary Afrigo band’s Moses Matovu.

                                                           Moses Matovu of Afrigo Band

According to the latest reports coming in indicate that the song is in its advanced stages and will soon start to air on Africa’s airwaves before this year ends.

“Great Men!!!
Prepare yourselves for this cross generation Collabo!!!

Thanks Uncle Moses Matovu for all the sacrifices you have done for this great artistry.

Africa- Get ready for this one”, the Mateka hit star fame warned.


The song will help singer Jose Chameleon to attract music lovers from all kinds of generations during December 7th concert.

And its such a great timing for someone to prepare for a concert as early as this to person in Jose chameleone’s shoes who barely has a song that can cut across all generations with basically no hit song if the word hit is to stand its true meaning.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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