Self-styled undisputed king of stage Bebe Cool seems like to have made his dream of having president Yoweri Museveni attend his Golden Heart concert come true if the latest photo of him handing over a ticket to Mr Museveni is anything to go by.

Of his previous concerts, let’s say two or three years back, the Batiddemu singer has always been promising his fans that he would have the first citizen of Uganda attend his show but all his efforts always ended up being turned down on the last minute.

           Paying Back: Bebe Cool led other musicians in the 2015 ‘Tubonga Naawe’ project, in support of President Museveni.

In 2016, when Bebe’s dream nearly came to life to have Mr Museveni attend his show, it was only dealt with a heartbreaking setback when a clip of president was sent and aired at the large screens sending in greetings to fans.

However, critics have it that this has been the Gagamel boss’ trick of drawing crowds to his coming concert.

          President Museveni visiting Bebe Cool in Nsambya hospital when he was shot

We will keep you in the known whether its true that the president will be at Bebe’s concert or just a punk like the previous years.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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