Word spreading around indicates that singer Patrick Musasizi alias Chozen Blood of Team No Sleep (TNS) has called it quits out of the camp.

Basing on the rumours going on, the Byekyalo singer is said to have now joined to Tip Swizzy and Feffe Bussi manager camp headed by a one self claimed Arafat number Emu.

                                                      Singer Chozen Blood

Chozen Blood shot to fame in 2011when he came up with a duet song titled Pressure Ya Love featuring her sister but after a year the duo vanished in thin air after the two were said to have bitterly separated due to money issues that they had earned from their hit song.

He, however, again got a break through when he joined TNS a few years back and things seemed to go on well but since then the singer has been on a steadily regressing lane.

                                                                Chozen and other TNS artists

Even his new songs were not getting the much hype and air play like other artists in the record label something that might have led to his way out

The only surviving civilian Afande

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