Last week on Friday 20, July 2018, marked exactly four solid years since songstress Juliana Kanyomozi lost her only son Keron Raphael Kabugo Atwooki and came out and wrote a very touching message for whoever cared to read and console her while in pain.

However, a handful of Uganda’s “so called celebrities” took heed to comfort and strength her during that trying time.

                                               Singer Juliana Kanyomozi

In her tribute message, she penned down how Keron was such a darling, caring, charming and how he could make friends of all ages effortlessly.

Since few celebs took care, Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Light the world Church Nasanana decided not to be part of the other celebs as he yesterday dedicated some strengthening bible versus to one Uganda’s gifted vocalist and East Africa’s adored artist.

“Oooh Juliana my sister from another mother!
Colossians 1:9 says, For this reason since we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you!”, he begun.
“Romans 8:38. And nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ, be it tough times, death or tribulations… Nothing!
I was there that day, and I remember how you honoured your God even though it didn’t make sense at all. For that is faith!
We are not funs of Christ,but followers.
Your are my super star. Strong and ready for another day!
God bless you and keep being strong.
God is with you and a million prayers ….from a million funs”,

Pastor Bugembe wrote

For a million funs we are not yet sure whether he was congratulating her of the Facebook followers cause as compared to other celebs, she is in pole position when it come to likes.

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