Zuena Kirema and Bebe Cool are one of the top celebrity couples in the entertainment industry around East Africa. The two have been bonded in a civil marriage for a while and they have intentions of making a traditional wedding in future. Zuena explained about how they met and why it was hard for her to accept him initially.

Love Birds: Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema

While appearing on the Mwasuze Mutya morning show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe on NTV Uganda, Zuena explained more about how they met and decided to live together.

I met Bebe Cool in January 2002. I was at a farewell party for the Miss Uganda then who was going to China. He approached me and asked for my number and I declined because he was looking untidy. He was putting on a vest, with dreadlocks and we were at a party.

Young Love: Bebe Cool and Zuena in the old days.

We bumped into each other later that night at the after party at Club Silk and he again asked for my number. When we interacted I realized he had some sense in him. So I took his and only called him after sometime. The rest is history. My parents accepted him but only on condition that he would cut off his dreads being a Muslim. Bebe however declined the condition but somehow my dad accepted him.

Zuena thinks that it is Bebe Cool’s mindset that must have influenced her father to change his mind about the singer.

My dad must have realized he had underrated Bebe Cool because of his appearance. Whenever they interacted, he (Dad) walked away pleased by Bebe Cool’s opinions.

Zuena was also asked about why she left NTV because a lot has been said pinning her departure to misunderstandings at work. She however said that she did not leave the Serena-based television station because of office politics as it is alleged.

I left NTV Uganda to concentrate on my cake business. I always wanted to be self-employed and when I got the maternity leave, I told myself I had to take up the opportunity and blow my own trumpet for my cake business. It is doing great now despite having a challenging start.

About the forthcoming Golden Heart concert, Zuena is to take care of the decoration within the dome at Kololo Airstrip, and she urges music fans to flock the venue and support Bebe Cool come 3rd August.

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