Singer Lydia Nabawanuka , known by her stage name as Lydia Jazmine, a lady on a spectacular rise in the music industry has disputed reports that were saying she’s signed to a new management team.

Earlier this month, reports a washed media claiming how the singer had been signed to Salaama road based R.K Records owned by socialite Roberts Kampala. And continued to suggest that new city money bags was the brains behind her supposedly four week break in United Kingdom but the singer only spent their less than a week. They also claimed that the socialite financed the singers new video and song titled Ojjakunzitta.

                                                                              Singer Jazmine

However, the You and Me singer made the revelation early today morning when rubbished the claims saying she’s not under the said management but when everything is finalised that’s when she will confirm.

“Am not signed to any management team. If I was , I would have made it public to my followers to know. But all along have been silent about it which means isn’t true”,

Jazmine said via a phone call.

She furthermore noted that she had gone to UK to perform but not for a break, adding that she footed her own expenses for the flight without any other hand helping out.

“No one footed my expenses to UK. And to make it clear had not gone for a break but rather work issues and not as other people have it”,

she cleared the airwaves.

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